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Antique Cast Iron Tub

MM@ColoRODans Mall Show - Twin Peaks Mall, Longmont, CO; March, 1999

This is the ColoRODans cast iron tub. Kind of cool, eh? This picture was taken before I joined the club and before they updated their logo and colors (wonder if they repainted it yet?). There has been talk of doing a fiberglass one (as it would be much much lighter) and also of doing a matching toilet. This was a while back though when I was a member, not sure if any progress has been made.

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3 July 2004

Happy 4th of July! Summer is here and the calender is full! I'm currently learning PHP and over the next little while expect the site will be "revamped" to include neat PHP features. For instance some dynamic on-demand web page creation (database driven), random images (already in use), and much much more. I guess that is not as much as what's new as what to come, but... semantics. Have a great summer!

29 April 2004

Is the ski season over? Well not quite yet for some, but defintely for others. I may yet get a day or two in during the month of May (as of now I'm at 26 days this season, +10 from last season). However, biking season has defintely started and backpacking isn't to far behind along with car shows. Guess I need to start spending some weekends and evenings in the garage and finish that re-wiring project I started some time back.

30 December 2003

Was planning to update more frequently, but so far I've been doing some monthly updates for some calenders online, managing three online email lists, skiing (tomorrow will be 10x this season), working and just plain being busy. The most frequently updated page right now is my ski log. I had planned to update today, but need to get ready for skiing tomorrow and Thursday so will probably not update until Friday (02 Jan 04), sorry but that's life.

11 May 2003

Happy Mother's day (that is just for the moms ya know)! Ok, so I decided on a favicon. Now if you bookmark my site using MS IE 5.5 or newer you will see my nifty icon in your favorites list, and if you use Netscape 7.0 or newer it will automatically appear in the address bar and the "tab". Also since it appears most (98%) of you (the viewer) are using 800x600 or greater resolution and most (98.5%) have a fairly decent connection (load times of less than 30sec) I've decide to up the resolution of the pictures I'm posting from 320x240 to 640x480 (this will be new posts only at this time).

8 May 2003

Was planning to update more frequently, but as usual skiing (total of 16 times for this season), racing (5 events in the last year) and other activities have prevented me from spending the time necessary to keep my updates frequent. Additionally about a week and a half ago a lady ran a red light right in front of me and I totaled my '96 Ford Contour that I had had for only two months. Ouch. At least no one was seriously injured. I'll have some pics of my "totaled" car up shortly.

Anyway, what really applies is I've been working on some favicons for my page.

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