Originally this site (simply called: Mike's Hot Rod Pic of the Week!) contained on page with a new hot rod pic every week and no archive. This started in mid-January 1996 and was originally hosted on a server at Walla Walla College where I was a student at the time. Then due to due to the re-structuring of the school's web server and network I moved the site to GeoCities (which has since merged with Yahoo!). However due to changes because of the merger and my lack of satisfaction, I again moved the site to TerraShare, which unfortuantly went down (but appears to now be operating again). This forced me to move my site yet again, this time to Finally, in February 2003 I registered my own domain name and am now being hosted by Netaves. Of course through out all the moves my site kept growing from the single page it was to the extensive site it is now. Along the way I coined the phrase “Hot Rods to Go!” (around late '97 or early '98), but as I waited too long to register the domain name someone else took it. At this point I've taken to calling my site “Streetrods to Go!”, however the entry page still bears the original “Mike's Hot Rod Pic of the Week!”.

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Photographic equipment and imaging software used.

Camera: A Nikon N90.
Lens: A Tamron AF Aspherical LD 28-200mm f3.5-5.6 [IF], and most recently a Nikon 20mm f2.8
Flash: PaintShop Pro button A Nikon SB-25.
Film used: (formerly Seatle FilmWorks) (color) and Kodak (color and b&w)
Computer Imaging: GIF Construction Set Icon Pictures on Disk (SFW -includes Photoworks software), various flatbed color scanners, PaintShop Pro 4.12 & 7.02, and GIF Construction Set Pro & PNG/MNG Construction Set (both from Alchemy Mindworks).
Photographer:Unless otherwise noted - Mike Michaelson (MM).
  • Annual ColoRODans Mall Show (2001) - Twin Peaks Mall; Longmont, CO.
  • 30th Annual ColoRODans Rod Festival (2000) - Longmont Business Center; Longmont, CO.
  • 2nd Annual GoodGuys Colorado Classic (1999) - Pikes Peak International Raceway; Colorado Springs, CO.
  • 29th Annual ColoRODans Rod Festival (1999) - Longmont Business Center; Longmont, CO.
  • Annual ColoRODans Mall Show (1999) - Twin Peaks Mall; Longmont, CO.
  • 2nd Annual ARC Leavenworth Weekend Getaway (1998) - Leavenworth, WA.
  • 1st Annual College Place Fun Days (1998) - College Place, WA.
  • 1st Annual ARC UCA Cruise-In (1998) - Upper Columbia Academy, Spangle, WA.
  • Wheelin' Walla Walla Weekend (1997) - Walla Walla, WA.
  • 41st Annual Portland Roddster Show (1997) - Portland, OR.
  • 12th Annual Cruisin' Classics Rod and Custom Show (1996) - Caldwell, ID
  • Graffiti Night (1993)- Roseburg, OR.

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