Jessica - 1947 Ford Pick-up


Right RearThis is the truck I bought in May of 1998. It is pretty much done and a driver (so i thought at the time). It was powered by a Chevy small block 400 and had a Turbo 400 tranny (oops I lied, of course I was lied to first, it has a turbo 350) as well as a rear end which came out of a Chevelle along with the front clip (no disc brakes and no rack & pinion, ouch, at least it is independent front suspension). The body has been chopped (and sculpted with bondo, that's going to be a mess to fix) and the whole truck has been slammed. The bed is a hive of custom work starting with the aluminum toolbox (too much heat when it was welded) which is really mostly the gas tank as well as having a battery compartment in it. The toolbox is opened via a cable release system from inside the cab. Continuing on with the bed, it is lined with diamond patterned aluminum sheet (now that's what I call a bed liner) and under the tailgate is a aluminum rear valance to house the two rear lights ('39 blue dots) and also for mounting the licence plate. In the cab the bench is gone and there is a nice pair of buckets instead, and the dash currently has 4 analog gauges (Oil Pressure, Fuel - doesn't work, Water Temp, and Amperage), but no speedometer (what were they thinking?). I am planning on getting a digital gauge set from Dakota Digital.

4 June, 1998 - Installed the (after-market) stereo from my Fairlane in the truck so I can have some tunes. It's not much, but it beats nothing. Got a black antenna too from Napa.

Seats/Interior29 June, 1998 - Got a set of new mirrors (oval instead of rectangular and extended reach), a lighted licence plate frame, and a radiator cap with the old V-8 emblem on it all in billet aluminum w/polished finish (from Billet Specialities). Just can't wait until I can afford the digital dash (from Dakota Digital) as well as a power window kit and keyless entry kit.

Labor Day September, 1998 - Left college for Denver, CO to stay with my folks while I, a new college grad, look for a job. I got a couple hours down the road and started to hear a knocking sound. Turned out I'd spun the #1 bearing. For all the gorey details you can read my article on the week long trip. Long story short, ended up with a SB305 replacing the SB400.
30 July, 1999 - Wrecked the truck tonight. A women made a sudden stop in the middle of the road because she missed her turn. Well I was three cars back from her and my truck is the one with the most damage. Go figure that one out. I sent my friend to my house to get my tools so I could get the fender off. The rear fender was folded under itself and tight onto the tire. Some guys was pissed that his $100 mailbox got scratched. I'm pissed that his mailbox left a big dent in my hood. I couldn't believe it, he didn't even ask if everyone was alright first. Some people.

Under the HoodSeptember 1999 - Drove the truck down to Pike Peak International Raceway for Goodguys. Took the other fender off so it would match. Ended up spending a lot of money, but got an aluminum radiator (Ford outlet, gonna put a Ford powerplant back in my truck one of these days), and a replacement original steel fender for my truck. The guy I bough the fender from has a '47 Ford pickup and a '47 Ford panel truck. His son meanwhile is building a '47 Ford flatbed so they had two rear fenders and a bed. Lucky me. The guy wanted only $40 for the fender and it is in almost perfect condition (just a little work and it will be good as new).

May/June 2000 - Taking out the 305 (it's shot, or heading there at least). Planning to yank the engine from my Suburban for the truck. Decided after the engine was out that maybe I might want to do some other work before putting another engine in it.

May 2001 - I bought a rebuilt turbo 350 and am swapping the 350 engine from my 1970 Chevy Suburban into my '47 Ford p.u. Got a lot to do and not a whole lot of time to do it. I'm moving at the end of May and going to Italy for the first two weeks of June (business trip).

The limited Dash2 June, 2001 - Went to Italy, am moved, but the truck is still in the old garage. I didn't finish it, before leaving, but will have a week when I get back to finish it before I have to have my stuff out of my old garage. I did get the engine in though, but just barely. Now I've got all the accessories to mess with.

21 June, 2001 - My truck rides on a trailer for the first time since I bought it. But you can't call it a trailer queen, 'cause the only reason it was on the trailer is it had to be moved to it's new garage and not all the goodies in the engine compartment were hooked up. Still lacking a distributor solution at the moment. I want to use HEI or a MSD ignition, but there is not enough clearance. The old points distributor barely fit as it was.

20 July, 2001 - One week to go until my car club's rod run. Got to get the truck running again by then. I think I'll make it barring no unforeseen problems. I've decided to cut a notch in the aluminum firewall cover. Since the original firewall is still behind it and does indent into the cab I'll have plenty of clearance. It just doesn't look as pretty. Got a braided sst covered Lokar firewall mount trans dipstick/fill tube. Wow talk about nice looking. Also got a Lokar cut to fit throttle cable kit with sst braided housing to match. I did get the hidden hinges ordered from Hagan though and at less than 1/2 price with the use of a $200 gift certificate my friend's wife won at the NSRA Rocky Mountain Nationals. Thanks Sabrina.

Front Left27 July, 2001 - It started! But it wouldn't shut off and it was spraying fuel everywhere (leaking from the aluminum fuel filter). I ended up just rotating the distributor until it wouldn't run (it was loose so I could set the timing anyways). Turned out to be an extra wire (used on a points ignition, but I was converting to HEI and it is not used on HEI systems). At this point I still had a few things to do like put in the radiator and what not, but I wanted to see if it would fire. I figured 10-30 seconds wouldn't be enough for it to overheat anyways. Well no more time, I was already running late for our rod run and I'm in charge of registration.

9 August, 2001 - It runs again! Two weeks you say, but I had to figure out what was wrong that took some time. Also has to return some parts and get some higher quality replacements (like that fuel filter).

16-18 August, 2001 - I went to Loveland, CO for the Road Knight's Blue Light Special. I still haven't put the hood back on, nor the rear fenders so it looks funny, but I'm driving it again!

21 September, 2001 - Installed a Lokar cut to fit transmission shift linkage (for column shift Turbo350). Of course once I got it adjusted the starter crapped out.

24 December, 2001 - Installed new starter, but still need to connect wires (had to get cleaned up for a xmas eve party).

March/April, 2002 - Got the wire connected, but after 6 starts (not in the same day, but with in a week) the same thing started to happen as before. I think I've got a wiring problem in the ignition switch. Need to replace the battery and ground cables anyway and have a new fuse panel so time to run some fresh wires.
May, 2008 - I ended up selling the truck as I had just bought a house the previous April and knew I wouldn't have the time or money to work on it any time soon.